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Column Warranty
Limited Lifetime Warranty
  Endura-Series™ Columns will be free of manufacturing defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original purchaser owns the structure to which they were initially installed according to published installation guidelines.

Should replacement be necessary under this limited warranty, the sole remedy shall be limited to the furnishing of new shafts, caps and/or bases to replace the defective part(s). Field-assembled joints are not warranted. Seller does not include and will not pay for, installation and painting as part of this limited warranty, nor shall Seller be liable for compensatory, consequential, or incidental damages under this limited warranty.

There are no other express warranties contained herein, and all representations or affirmations made, and all samples and models shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Seller makes no warranty of merchantability or that the products covered hereby are fit for any particular purpose. There are no warranties, implied or expressed, except that contained on the face of this document.
Endura-Series Columns – Your complete source for Architectural Columns
Endura-Series Columns offers a wide range of architectural and decorative fiberglass and composite columns for residential and commercial installation, including round and square architectural fiberglass columns, wood columns, stone columns, polyurethane and stone balustrade systems, porch systems.
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